Do not Let your hearts be troubled, trust in God; trust also in me} Be a Leader, Never walk alone in thoughts, acts & deeds...Let your time count for good.”

— Jesus of Nazareth

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Latest Tracks-Gizani & Tigutheke

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Gizani in Swahili means Darkness. The song is about evil and injustices around the world and why people are unhappy pretending everything is good.

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SamCicero VCD & Website Launch October 27, 2018 Kansas City

Currently I am working on two Albums 1. Gizani (In Swahili Language) and 2. Tigutheke (In Kikuyu Language). The videos will have English subtitles for worldwide audience. Stay tuned.

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Landing on this website is not accidental. SamCicero takes your time you invest here seriously and with much respect. SamCicero is an artist that creates new, unique, formidable East African sounds and lyrics. His music is very deep interesting resource that has had much of a place in EastAfrica wide audience and the Diaspora. SamCicero music is thought provoking and disrupts the airwaves genuinely. From the musical territory SamCicero will blast you with uncommon melody of truth. SamCicero is not afraid of negative criticism. In many instances SamCicero music is philosophically 'annoying' and satisfying, and now you are about to find how hard it’s often to find the icon to stop it! 

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SamCicero uses unique medium of audio and visual to conveying information, not only in terms of rich content but in all honesty of entertainment and motivation. Welcome aboard to #Reinvent_Thyself 

Charity Proceeds 

SamCicero's 33% of sales proceeds goes to Charity, to fund rehabilitation of drug addiction and alcoholics through Nonprofit organization Inspred Community Action International (InCA-International) that SamCicero founded in 2009 in Kenya, As well as supporting education opportunities for the less fortunate children.