SamCicero is an International Kenyan-American artist. SamCicero has no limit to music. He is a versatile self-taught artist with an edge in creating modern deep captivating conscious music. SamCicero leans towards  Inspirational Contemporary urban African music & Christian Music that is easy-listening for all ages throughout the world


 Born in Kenya, SamCicero was very active in Theatre & Drama. He was first featured in 1999 Dario Fo play "The Accidental Death of Anarchist" in Kenya National theatre.   He moved to Europe briefly in mid 1990's.  later he relocated to America. SamCicero has learnt a few things: There is always room for improvement. There are lessons to learn every day. Life is a gift, take nothing for granted. Because you are certain it is so, does not mean it is so. Each night before you go to sleep     give thanks for three things that you are grateful for and that doing good will always come back to you. SamCicero  is  a dynamic artist, a poet and a motivational speaker currently living in Kansas City.  

Music Industry

SamCicero is currently working on his debut two Afro-Fusion Albums Gizani (in Kiswahili) Produced in Kenya by Jesse Bukindu 0f Revive Media and Tigutheke (in his native Gikuyu Language) Produced in Kenya By Baba Sauti of Star lights Sounds .  Both Albums will  be released in 2018. I love the idea that music can be fun, makes me smile and still get such huge response from all cultures. SamCicero presents his work in Kiswahili, Gikuyu and English. Samcicero in his free time writes poetry and reviews blog posting.  He is also working on his first African novel "Love @ 9:30am"  to be published in 2019 and a self help book on motivation "No Quick & Easy Fix"  to be published in 2020.

In his own words  Samcicero Says "I know of one thing though, I am here because its God ordained to be here. I am no longer a secrete I am the hidden truth set free. Welcome aboard and let’s discover the empty tombs through SamCicero music, blog postings and poetry. The truth is that the best music has not been sang yet neither the best poem written. Thank you for your Support".

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”